Anthony, Grease is the word!

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unruliejulie | 21:21 Sat 09th Jun 2007 | TV
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Can anyone tell me the name of the pop group that Anthony was in 10 years ago please TIA X

and btw, him and susan to win!


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here's the link for his profile..from the ITV site
Just to save taking space up with another question, who DID win? missed the ending....
Danny B and Susan
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when it came to it, i did think danny B had the better voice, i just liked the whole persona of Anthony! Oh well, im sure its done his profile the world of good anyway!
I dont remember him ever being in a group but he did have some hits under the name "Kavanagh"
Chazza's right - my friend 10 years ago LOVED him, to the point of me knowing his birthday (4.11.77) though i insist thats because its the same as my brothers :)
Chazza's sort of right: he spelt it Kavana.
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yep, i reemeber kavana, very vagueley. Did he do much? Im not so sure but either way, the bloke has a certain charisma and i hope things take off for him once more, maybe with a little more staying power this time.
Thanks for all your answers.

oh baby i can make you feeel goooood
*i can make you feeel gooood*
blah blah blah blah bl bl blah

...something along those lines!! haha!

kavana - i can make you feel good

...sorry if the hyperlink doesn't work, its my first time *lol*

EmEd x

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Anthony, Grease is the word!

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