Hugh Laurie's growl!

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nutgoneflake | 12:59 Sun 03rd Jun 2007 | TV
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Mr nutgoneflake would like to know if anyone else finds Hugh Laurie's voice (in House that is) as irritating as he does. Not so much the american accent, which btw I think he does really well. Hub just sits there complaining about the fact that he GROWLS it! It doesn't bother me, but I do know what he means. Any opinions?!! :0)


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How can you criticise anything about this show? That's the way his character is supposed to be,not liking anybody.!!
......and doesn't he growl beautifully?
I've never thought of Hugh Laurie as attractive before, but in House he is gorgeous.
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No no no, everhelpful, not the fact that he's angry and growling, more the fact that it's not his normal voice. I know he's grumpy and hates everyone, and is a growly bloke generally, but he could still be the same without the odd tone!! Personally, it doesn't matter because I love it. It's just hubby who finds it so irritating!!
I must admit it took me a while to get used to his American accent, but now i think he is great, and House is my favourite show at the moment. never thought Hugh Laurie would star in a hit American show, wonder if he will ever come home again.
No,I don't find his deep voice annoying.I also thought I wouldn't watch House,cos,it was Hugh Laurie..he's not American!!..He's been Bertie Wooster!!...I started watching one Sunday on one of those catch up weekends..and after a few episodes,I saw House not Bertie. The "growl"..isn't irritating to me,everybody has a different tone of voice generally and a grumpy character like House,needs a growl !!
Like espressali, I never would have done a backwards glance at Hugh Laurie,but Greg House is a different matter.
I know he is only a character in a drama but I to find him absolutley gorgeous.
This is an excellent series, he can be really hateful at times especially with the lastest twist of the cop from hell. The ending to that saga was perfect and to be honest, I don't even notice his accent any more, its just a brilliant series!
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I'll have to tell hubby to keep his opinions to himself! He's obviously the only one who has a problem....

Roll on Thursday night!! :o)

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Hugh Laurie's growl!

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