Hustle, last night

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unruliejulie | 19:31 Fri 11th May 2007 | TV
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Hustle is my absolute favourite programme to have been on our screens certainly in the last decade. I love it but im beginning to think that its all the poorer for the absence of Micky bricks. He was soooo smooth, although the gorgeous Danny Blue is my favourite character, they seem to have made him a bit of an idiot this time round. Like he would take someone on for their looks in that line of "work" I hope im mistaken and this isnt the decline of an excellent series. Lasts nights episode just didnt hit the mark for me. Does anyone agree or is it just me?


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I love Hustle, and the presence of Jamie Murray in the cast doesn't hurt. ;-)

I think the worst thing you can do with a show like that is analyse it too closely - some character I encounter on another site's forum was decrying the show as rubbish because of its numerous plot holes. Taking the whole thing far too seriously, I think. Yes it does have plot holes, but view it as just an enjoyable piece of nonsense - as it seems to be intended - and it's great fun.

Last night's episode wasn't one of the best, but still better than 90% of stuff on terrestrial TV at the moment.
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littleoldme, thanks for you answer! I agree with what you are saying, i don't take these programmes seriously either, i just sit back and enjoy. The point i was trying to make is that the standard of the new series doesn't seem to be quite as good and as slick as it was. Often this is a sign that perhaps the programme has run its course. I do hope i am wrong on this one though. I never pick holes in the plot line really, as far as the con goes, it has to be a little bit silly to work and yes, you are quite right, there still is no programme around that can touch it! Personally i will carry on watching regardless cause i still adore it but i would hate to see its reputation go steadily down hill.

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Hustle, last night

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