how do i connect my tv,dvd, cable and video?

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DebbieS1 | 17:27 Thu 01st Mar 2007 | TV
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How Do I connect my TV, DVD, Cable & Video

I have:

1 TV with 3 Scart Sockets

1 DVD with 2 Scart Sockets

1 VCR with 2 Scart Sockets

1 Cable Box with 2 Scart Sockets

Any help will bE APPRECIATED..


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Try putting your coaxial cable (normal aerial) into your cable box. Then scart lead from cable box to dvd, scart from dvd to vcr, and scart from vcr to tv. Make sure scarts leave from "out" scart and go to "in" scart connection on equipment.

Sorry, I may have confused you more!!!!!!!
RF Aerial-in socket on TV to RF out tuner socket on DVD Recorder

AV1 Scart on TV to TV Scart on Sky Box

AV2 Scart on TV to out Scart on DVD Recorder

Video Scart on Sky Box to AV2 in Scart on VCR

RF out socket on Sky Box to RF in socket VCR

TV Aerial cable to Aerial on Sky Box

Sky Cable to Sky Box

RF in Tuner Socket on DVD Recorder to RF out socket on VCR

DVD IN Scart on DVD Recorder to AV 1 in/out Scart on VCR

I know mine is a DVD recorder and a Sky box but it should be ok on your DVD and Cable Box, best of luck.
A much simpler way try this, only difference is it is a Digital Box instead of a Cable Box. 2svd.gif

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how do i connect my tv,dvd, cable and video?

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