Why is Paul o Grady a repeat show tonight?

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kate1976 | 18:14 Tue 16th Jan 2007 | TV
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My mum wants to know, she missed the announcement at the beginning!

Thanks in advance!


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I missed the announcement too, its definately a repeat. ive tried looking on the web to find out why but found nothing out as of yet!
Great minds kate1976 I was just posting the question as yours came up. They said he was't able to present live to night but never said why. I do hope he's ok!
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Thank you both, I've just told my mum what the announcer said!

I only get to see Paul every now and then as I'm rushing round trying to sort everything out but I do hope he is ok!
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Well according to the forums on channel 4 website he has the flu!
Well he was showing no signs of the flu the night before. Bet he threw a hissy fit and stormed out or something

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Why is Paul o Grady a repeat show tonight?

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