One Foot in the Grave Q... which episode?

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davensal9 | 18:57 Sun 10th Dec 2006 | TV
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Hi...Im posting this here again incase any more people can help!

I want to buy a One Foot in the Grave DVD for my partner but need to know a particular episode!

Do you know which episode (and series) it is where Victor goes into his neighbours house (possibly because he thinks there has been a break in?) and he thinks that his neighbour's wife is having an affair...but then it turns out to be her husbands brother (??) Victor is hiding in a cupboard or small room under the stairs and is found by the neighbour (male) and asks "What are you doing here?" They are the neighbours that dont like victor. Hope you can help! Sally


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One Foot in the Grave Q... which episode?

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