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Cennet | 19:57 Tue 07th Nov 2006 | TV
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Sorry ABers but I did my usual and fell asleep just before the end of last nights episode( which I had missed on More4). Got as far as the bit where Jack was interviewing the girl who had been raped and then next thing I knew it was 2305. Could anyone please tell me what happened??

( I have tried going to bed early like someone has suggested but I then watch it in bed, fall asleep anyway and still miss it!!!)


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I only caught the last bit of it, and not sure which bits you havent seen. but heres what I saw

So a man is missing (he was convicted of rape of a Japanese girl?)
He had previously went back to see his ex-girlfriend / wife to tell her he was innocent of the rape, and he had proof. She didnt want to know, she had remarried, and was happy...she also has a little boy, which he is the father of, but was unaware she had given birth

They think her new husband is responsible for the dissapearance, as he threatened him (in writing and with a gun) He says he is innocent, and that he even got a call from the local police saying the guy has been picked up on a drunk charge.
That call turns out to be fake, they trace it back to a garage, where an old friend of the missing person works. This guy was a marine, and was also in Tokyo the same time the rape took place....which is why he wants the tape that proves the other guy is innocent, as it would prove him guilty. As the guy walks off, the garage owner wallops him with a wrench, and we next see him, being found in a barrel full of tar or something.
He confesses what happened, and so avoids going to a Japanese jail, and meeting the Yakuza

The mother of the missing person, (now deceased) is told she has a grandson, and that he was innocent of the rape.

And thats about it.

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Many thanks JackDanielsU - perfect answer!!

I am getting quite good at guessing whodunnit.The more I watch the programme, and ones like it like CSI etc, you get used to the mindset of the writer/producter/director and the little clues they throw in at the beginning of the prog hoping to catch you out.

The missing bloke took that money from his employer and the employer did nothing which made the FBI suspicious from the start

A sad one though - a bit like Cold Case in a way which I also think is a great programme

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Without a Trace 06/11

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