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kick3m0n | 18:05 Fri 29th Sep 2006 | TV
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Can anyone tell me who won last nights final? had to stop watching at 10 because (would you believe it) there were 3 other things on at the same time, and our Sky + could only cope with two lol
Did Simon win? cheers xx


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I can't remember which one is which but the good looking one with the short hair won
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oh, that's a shame, I liked the other one (slightly longer, darker hair, shaved his beard off), but thanks very much for taking the time to reply shiney :o) xx
I was pleased he won as I felt the other guy was expecting he would win. My mum loved this programme but I got into it a little bit - which is why I did not know their names.

Just pleased the pineapple-haired one got kicked out!
I am interested in anyone telling me if they thought that the show 'told' them what qualities or attributes a Home Stager needs to have.

I work in the industry, and have worked with Ann Maurice so I am a little biased.

But I genuinely would like to know if the general public got an 'Idea' of what goes into Home Staging.

I regularly write up about it in my blog so if you want to keep up with the world of home staging then take a look.

Look forward to comments and opinions.


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Ann Maurice - Interior Rivalry

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