Pete the whimp!

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eyeshade | 09:36 Fri 18th Aug 2006 | TV
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Well, fancy that! Pete knows Ash didn't do anything with his speech but he's frightened to tell incase Nikki hears him! AAwww diddums. If you know Pete, then bl**dy well say so to everyone, ANNOUNCE IT! If he were half the man some people think he is, he would have done it and what a great day that would have been! He's got no backbone and is scared stiff of the thing from 20,000 fathoms. If Pete is to win, lets see him do something good! But he won,t so he cant win cos ASHLEYNE is going to win.

And another thing....the gummy gringe bag thinks she is the only one that has enjoyed her experience in the house, no-one else just her! Yeah right! She is sooooooooooooo nausiating - its driving me mad. I don't think I am going to make it to this evening. Get the wine out and the torillas and watch ASHLEYNE win.


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she's enjoyed it??? She's been shouting at BB half the time and moaning!! I'd say out of all of them Glynn has enjoyed it the most.
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Yes I tend to agree 4gm, Glynn does enjoy things but then he enjoys the simple things in life having been hidden from the outside world for a few years with only sheep to talk to. He gets over emotional when he hears the announcer speak Welsh, when you give him a bag of black pudding (heaves heavily) or a Welsh flag, you know, the simplest of things he is happy with. But, Hey lets not take that away from the guy. I think they have all enjoyed it - but for Dipstick to say she is the only one, how , how, how dare she! (I keep trying to calm myself down, sorry).
Can't wait.
how very dare she :-)
When she was in the house first time round she didn't have as many tantrums in less than 2 weeks as she has done since going back in. She's acting her vile little socks off and trying to make Ash look terrible to the outside world.
Apparantly (you didn't hear this from me.. shhhh..) but... alledegly Nikki & Pete are being lined up to do a show of their own (hence why Nikki is being all lovey dovey) Nikki know's all about it and was told before going back in to the house that she was to try to ruin it for Ash as they didn't think she would last this far or be as popular and don't want her to win over Pete. They want her to be as loved up as poss!! only a rumour but will be interesting to see what TV deals come their way once their out of the house!!
Plus Nikki's the only one making Pete look bad by manipulating him into blaming Ash for the poor speech causing him to have to whisper to the GBP that he didn't blame her, not Ash by doing her speech, which incidently I didn't think was that bad to be honest!!

Grrr rant over, stupid gurning gimp!
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Wingnut you have hit it on the head then and confided in us all, that rumour would seem to make sense.

That's it then, even more reason for Ash to win. There had to be a reason, but Nikki is not at affected by material not Nikki. (rants round room in fluffy monster slippers).
Can't wait even more for tonight. I hope we are still visualizing Ash winning the money and seeing Nikki come out first......on pleeeeaaase.
I must have missed something!
What speech?
Would someone mind filling me in pls. Thanks

I want Ash to win too, used to want Pete but gone off him now. & i've always hated Nikki!
Hi fayelc123!

They all had to do a speech for another housemate on why they shoulod win BB, Ash got Pete and fluffed it a little saying she wasn't any good at public speaking. I didn't think she did that bad really to begin with.
Bit more about it here: ory.jsp?id=2962&articleMask=1&housemateId=
Cheers Wingnut!

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Pete the whimp!

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