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lola jax | 10:15 Thu 17th Aug 2006 | TV
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I don't think Aisleyne should win because I don't think she deserves it. I don't hate her but I don't love her, I think shes alright sometimes then other times shes cringeworthy, like when she screams and crys and wails at the top of her voice.

Like last night when she was going on about her book being black and that that must mean its cause shes always miserable and stuff, shes always feeling sorry for herself and constantly seeking attention.

I respect her for sticking up for Suzy when the nasty bitch grace threw water on her and I want her to do well and maybe come second or third just to see everyones jealous faces. I do think shes been unfairly treated by the others shes been picked on a bit but in some ways she doesn't exactly do herself any favours does she?!

The way she uses that getto lingo (cringe!) but mostly the way she goes round in that bloody g string! Yuk! Did you see it when she was plucking her eyebrows in the mirror with her leg stretched up on the sink! Just gross and no need!

I still want Pete to win and don't know why everyones turned against him, well I do cause of Nikki! Shes mustled in prob cause she thinks he will win.

But Pete has been the most entertaining the whole way through, hes had me in stitches, without him it would have been rubbish and all you lot who say you don't like him anymore know it! It wouldn't have been half as good without him- admit it!

Don't let the little gremlin spoil in for him get her out first!

Still Pete to win!!


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I dont think any of them deserve to win. But Pete may be funny but he is fake and has no backbone. He's a big coward!! and he hasnt made me laugh as much as some of the others, he just runs around like he's a bit special. I just want to see Graces face when Aisleyne wins. :-)

AIS TO WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pete has been the most entertaining???

Admitedly he is a good-looking bloke but I don't think he's as sweet and lovely as we think. All that stuff about not believing in heaven if he doesn't win - that's a bit emotive innit?
Yer I give him credit for being best looking , he is mighty fine. But he already thinks he's gonna win and that puts me right off. I think we havent seen the real Pete.
Exactly - every year people whinge about game plans and all the rest of it - but I really do think he has a game plan.
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Nah I don't! In what way do you think he has a game plan exactly?!
He has said this in diary room lastnight
I've done loads for my mum, for Tourette's, for myself and the band hopefully." and now he is annoyed that Aisleyne didnt big him up enough in speech and that he wont win now. How big a head?
I don�t think he�s played a game. But he�s been one of those ones that tries and keep quiet and not have any arguments with anyone in case they nominate him. When Lisa used to get on his nerves he�d say they annoy him in diary room then when they ask him �Do you still love me Pete� he cowardly says yer course w**ker. At least when Ais has a problem she sorts it out. That�s the reason he never got with Nikki to start with because it would have ruined his chances if he�d have just jumped into bed with her.
I suppose I can see why Pete is entertaining, i dont agree personally but fair enough!

Aisleyne on the other hand has made me laugh, cry, scream, howl with laughter, cringe, squirm and scared me ie. being the ONLY one that stood up to Grace (Pete let himself down!)

She has been central to almost everything and has herself revealed herself fully-warts and all, she's gone from weeks of 'aisleyne out' to becoming second fave and for that AISLEYNE SHOULD WIN!!

Pete has had an easy ride (not in life, but in the BB house) its taken Ais blood, sweat and many tears!!
chic you should have written her speach. :-)
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Although I still think Pete has been way more entertaining it would be very very funny to see Grace's ugly face drop and also Nikki can you imagine?! She'll prob drop Pete like a hot spud!

So I dunnu 4getmenot kinda swayed me slightly in her speech on another post! Not enough to vote for Aisleyne though ha ha!!

When has Aisleyne ever made you 'howl with laughter' by the way?!
Oh come on lola jax you know you want to. Voting for Pete would just be another wasted 50p. And a diapointing Friday night. I wont leave till I've turned you. Come on. Ais has said what she thought to Nikki when all she talked about was sex and it was boring her. She told Lea she was using all the blokes to not get nominated and she stood up to Grace, coz everyone else is a coward. Come on she deserves it :-)
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Nah afraid your not gonna budge me!
What about her using the blokes to not get nominated! Ha ha thats a laugh! Shes the worst one for that, every monday the g-string comes out!

Pete to win
Glyn second
Aisleyne third
Richard forth
Jenny fifth
Thats everyone! Oh no sorry the brat - last ha ha!
using the blokes? she was the only one to point out that Lea jumped from one to the other. And she's the only one not to snog everyone for the cameras. If she wanted to use blokes Spirol would have been brilliant for it but she didnt want him and told him that even if he didnt like it.
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She lead Spoiral on big style! No wonder he thought he was in with a chance, she was rolling around with him under the covers and everything!

Also she had a big lesbian snog with Nikki didn't she!

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