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4getmenot | 09:01 Thu 17th Aug 2006 | TV
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I think his true colours are coming out. After reading BB website this morning I hate him even more, each housemate had to give a spech about the others to get them votes. And Pete his moaning because Ais didnt big him up enough and he says she's ruined his chances of winning. Does anyone else think the BB team have edited alot of stuff to make Pete look brilliant? I cant stand him? He may have tourettes but surely that doesnt make him act like an immature overacting twit!


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i have liked pete from the beginning but have slowly gone off him especially all the business about how if he doesn't win then he will not believe that there is a heaven any more!!!!!! what was that all about, i hope it wasn't just to get votes.

aisleen to win i think she is the best one in there.

gone off glyn too after last nights bitch with the very manly jennie.

ash to win
I thought that aswell when I read that this morning, I hadnt made my mind up about aisleyne but I have just voted her to win, I think nikki has been telling pete that he is the favourite to win so he has started to believe it now. And I thought Glynn and Jennie where really bitchy to aisleyne last night saying it was a private conversation I mean come on there is no such thing as a private conversation in the BB house!
I think the BB team have done some awful editing this year. And sack Davina pur-lease!! The interview she did with Grace was a joke - there she is with the most hated woman in Britain and all she could ask her about was her cowboy boots. Then with Suzy they made out in her best-bits that she was evil - blimey all that for drinking cups of tea and not wanting to play spin the bottle (can u blame her?!) So yes, I think what they're doing now is showing Nikki as the HILARIOUS diva (except she's just a pain in the a**e) and Pete as the troubled but ultimately adorable winner. With Ash as the baddie.
i nearly put this q on myself, but had to go and bang my head against a brick wall for a while, GET OVER YOURSELF (pete not you 4getmenot)
please lets start the PETE CANNOT WIN campaing!!!

AIS TO WIN!!!!!!!!
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Yer half the people voting for him just feel sorry for him. they said he's had a bad life, what bad life?? His dad left him, who's hasnt nowadays (ok maybe mine) but thats the norm nowadays. And as for doing it for his mum she seems quite cosy in her house in france!! Its all for his band

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