mikey true colours

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mnko | 18:27 Thu 03rd Aug 2006 | TV
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if you can cast your mind back to when BB started. mikey said he thought women should be in the kitchen and he didnt listen 2 what they said, he a self centered t**t he cant keep up his "act" any longer the true mikey has emerged. women should be seen and not argue is mikey's moto. RICHARD do your thing and put him in his place as ur Bi**h.


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OOOh yes - I remember now mnko - he did say that in his video piece didn't he ??? The truth will out !!
Well hopefully we won't have to put up with him much longer if he goes tomorrow! pleeeezeeee let him go! ;o)
yeh I remember the piece but for a while I just thought like Dawn he had talked a good talk with that male chauvinist stuff - but he's being a prize prat now. Why is BB suddenly showing Miukey being obnoxious to people when about 3 or 4 weeks ago he was bang out of order to Ash I think and BB (delibretaly) left it out of the show and website but only people watching live strreaming saw it

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mikey true colours

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