Nikki acting, Tactic crying?

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~Wingnut~ | 14:53 Wed 21st Jun 2006 | TV
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Whilst watching last nights repeat of BB, when they got to the nominations bit, I reckon Nikki was being very sly! The only reason she started to cry was so that they wouldn't say her name again (after Glynn first nominated her) I reckon she thought if she starts crying they will feel very bad about saying her name and putting her up yet again for Friday. She sure as hell stopped crying quickly, then sat down promptly and started stuffing her face again! (she eats very weirdly too, sort of shovels in from the top front ways!)
It obviously didn't work as she is up, hence why she got all upset again because her litle plan didn't work!
She kept saying that she couldn't believe Lisa nominated her after her telling her in the morning she was safe and that the fact she had got upset to Lisa (another plan to stop Lisa nominating her this week, also didn't work)
She just crys so that she thinks people will feel too bad to nominate her again and put her up for possible eviction.

I think there's more to Nikki just being an idiot and crying all the time, it's tactic crying.


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BTW hope I'm not stating the obvious as it only really came to me just know when I was thinking about it! Sorry if this is already a known fact!

.... must get out more....
it hink nikki has used crying/having tantrums all her life to get her own way so i'm not sure if its a BB tactic as such but just the way she tries to manipulate people generally.
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Hi MccFluff!
I think it was more the way she was telling Lea in the toilet, (when Lea went in there to cry and Nikki followed her) about how could Lisa nominate her when Lisa had told her in the morning that she was safe and didn't think she would be up for noms this week, and how she had cried to Lisa about the fact she was worried she would be up again. Made me think she only cried so Lisa wouldn't nominate her that afternoon, so then only cried when she realised the 4 of them had to nominate each other, she wanted to make sure she wouldn't get 2 or more votes (even tho she did)

Just wish she'd stop bloody crying! lol
I think Nikki's crying is all an act, just like any spoilt child who doesn't get her own way. When Grace was crying in the diary room (after the crowds were shouting 'get Grace out'), you could tell she was genuinely upset, even when she stopped crying there was still that aftermath of a good cry, you know the sobs that keep coming every now and again even when you have finished crying, well thats how it works for me anyway! But with Nikki its a rant and a rave and a scream and a blurt then its finished, no aftermath, no crying wind down, nothing. Therefore in my view, not sincere, get her out or give her a good kick up the @rse.

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Nikki acting, Tactic crying?

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