annoying bb question

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sunflower68 | 17:05 Sun 04th Jun 2006 | TV
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Yup I know, but have been away, no TV which is no prob but please fill me in since Thursday. I know Sezer left, how was the eviction?

Who's annoying who now and who do you love?


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Sezer�s eviction was brilliant, he was so sure he was staying, and even bragged about it in the diary room beforehand.

Grace is pooing her pants because she knows her group is weakened. Imogen is copying her boss and panicking, while Nikki and Lisa are watching Grace to see when they�re allowed to chip in with agreeing comments.
Supreme Ruler her Graceship has issued a decree: �The next new housemate will be a good-looking boy, and it is imperative we have him on our side. So, let�s use all our weapons, girls, tits out, make up on, let�s seduce him and win him over girls, we need him!� Brilliant!
Meanwhile, Mikey is showing signs of dissent, while the others are just getting on with it. Pete is still fave, Glyn is looking good, Mikey seems to like Ashleigne who absolutely loves herself.
gazza, you crack me up - it would have taken me about 2 hours to say what you've summed up there!! ;)
p.s. as if Grace's lot have got any t*ts between them to get out!!
Lily, I had to chop that one up too, it was much longer the first time!
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Thanks all. Was a bit gutted Sezer went; must be the only one though. Was it just his cockiness in the diary room that meant he was evicted then??
No, he was a bully and an absolute nob who loved himself so much he couldn't believe he would ever get booted out coz "girls will keep me in." His attitude to woman was appalling, and he thought it was cool to view them as meat for his pleasure.

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annoying bb question

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