"collateral" Last Night On Bbc 2

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mikey4444 | 09:26 Tue 13th Feb 2018 | TV
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I was looking forward to this, as its written by David Hare. But I am not sure if I will continue watching....anybody else watched it ?


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Yes I watched it. I usually like David Hare's work and thought Carey M was excellent. Didn't you like it Mikey?
might do a catch up, as i have with other programmes,
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Rosie....not saying that I didn't like it, but it all got a bit complicated towards the end of the episode !

Yes....I will probably watch it again next week. Nice acting from everybody.
yeah really good
glad you have started a thread,

got all the bits I like - English - various nationalities and lines of drama. Lines like - "why the frack arent you speaking English - you;re in London!" -

Clues - like - "we have a dead Syrian immigrant and MI5 seem not to give a toss, where are they?"

The crazy muvver who hears the shots shrugs her shoulders and closes her door ( we wouldnt do that in Manch I can tell you!)

so yeah must watch

Mikey you may spend too long on AB - so if a sentence has words more than one syllable you hold your hands up in surrender - keep on trying!
I do think his passionate interest in social and political issues might be better suited to theatre - might come across a bit heavy handed on TV.
I enjoyed it even though it's very PC points-scoring, it's one of those things that will start to make more sense in Episode 2, tonight, hopefully.
It's not on tonight Zebo, Shetland starts again tonight. Next episode will be next Monday
Afraid you’ll have to wait until next week, zebo.
Zebo might be thinking of the other new drama with John Simm that began last night. Trauma. That's on tonight. (and Wednesday night)
I thought it was okay enough to give the 2nd episode a go. But why do so many things, especially dramas, have to be directed and edited to within an inch of their lives? I nearly gave up on it in the first couple of minutes with all the repeat-jump-cuts. It's as though there's this thought process of, "this is a hard-hitting drama, let's stick in a load of jump cuts, it'll make it all urgent and edgy, and stuff, like." It's what billings love to refer to as "gritty".
Hi mikey, I've just watched it, a bit confused. I'll watch the second episode. Love Carey Mulligan/ Billie Piper.
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Well....its episode 2 and I am still confused !

It all looks marvelous and very atmospheric, lots of high production values....but can anybody please tell me what is going on ?
People traffickers, drug runners,illegal immigrants, mistaken identity?
" Did I get the right one" .. Where does the female soldier fit in? Let's watch the 3rd episode mikey ;0)
Certainly respect Hare as a competent formulaic script-writer. From a generation of talented writers, but leftist idealogues.

Any dramatic surprises, do you think?

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"collateral" Last Night On Bbc 2

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