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maggiebee | 09:38 Mon 17th Oct 2016 | TV
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Did anyone watch this drama with Robbie Coltrane and Julie Walters. I seem to have missed it and only caught up with it when a bit was shown on Gogglebox last night. Is it worth watching the 4 episodes on catch up?


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Thanks Chris, will have a read through.
Don't, unless you want to know how it ends....its worth watching, Maggie.
Feelings are mixed on here maggiebee.

I watched the series, and enjoyed it - although I think it was flawed in places.

Robbie Coltrane was mesmerising at all times he was on screen.

People try to say that this is an allegorical version of the Jimmy Savile story, which is patently nonsense, the parallel is clearly Rolf Harris.
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Thanks folks, going to watch the first episode and take it from there. Agree, very mixed reviews.
Well worth watching Maggie.
I watched it, but shouldn't have done! Depressing.
It's really good. Watch it Maggie.

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National Treasure

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