Countdown Transmission Time Changed

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losgigs | 22:30 Sun 16th Oct 2016 | TV
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Just looked at the tv schedule for the coming week and noticed that Countdown has been moved to the earlier time of 2.10pm. This is because the awful DOND is back again and has got the 3.10 slot. I thought this had been axed, but assume that another series had already been filmed so is now being shown. Just wish Channel 4 wouldn't keep messing around with the transmission time for Countdown. Rant over!


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Totally agree, it now overlaps The Archers it's so early. When it started it was late afternoon, at this rate it'll be on the breakfast slot. Can't believe Deal is back, even worse than cutting out Countdown for racing every couple of months.
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I'm with you on that, zebo. There seems to be racing on nearly every other week! You could probably listen to the end of the Archers without missing anything significant though!
At least its not been re-scheduled to accomodate the ruined 15 to 1 with the awful Sandi "lights out" Toksvig.
Sorry, but can someone tell me what DOND is?
Deal or no deal
Oh, thank you mamyalynne. Didn't have a clue then. I don't watch it
Nor me.
If the transmission time really irks you that much, can't you record to watch when you want?
Morning and afternoon schedules don't mean anything to me because the TV is never on until about 6.50pm!
There is nothing more cringeworthy than Noel Edmonds trying to make it sound as if there is some tactic that's going to make the contestant successful ; in what is afterall a guessing game
Deal Or No Deal is only running out the last of the series which was made two years ago now. By Christmas they should have finished all those episodes left in the can and then that will be the END of DOND as far as Channel 4 is concerned,

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Countdown Transmission Time Changed

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