Tipping Point Finalist 14/09/16

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Stephen_G | 20:09 Wed 14th Sep 2016 | TV
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(Bird) Brain of Britain contender.....

Category: Sport, for 3 counters.

Q. Which Formula 1 race takes place in Spa-Francorchamps?
A. Belgian Grand Prix / B. Spanish Grand Prix / C. Monaco Grand Prix

Working out: It's not the Spanish Grand Prix, because it doesn't sound Spanish. I've been to Monaco to watch the Grand Prix. So, I'm going to go for the Monaco Grand Prix.....


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Was that the contestant with the sparkling white teeth?

He walked away with £2½-3K if I remember rightly, so not a bad days work
He didn't know the answer so he opted for a connection - i.e. he worked there at some stage. Very common reason when one has to guess an answer imho
The teacher, yesterday, was an embarrassment!
The reasoning may have been odd there but I must be a birdbrain too as I wouldn't have known whether it was Spain or Belgium. Spa-Franco sounds possibly Spanish to me (Spa for Spain, Franco in reference to General Franco) so i might well have plumped for a wrong answer too.

Spa, is a Belgian town, located in the Province of Liège, and is the town which gave its name to every spa in the world.
That was only one of the five (out of six ) questions he got wrong.
If they don't know the answer then a straight guess won't haunt them for the rest of their ill-informed lives like their idiotic waffle will.
it was a bit cringy !
To be fair, there have been questions on Pointless where I have not known any answers, even when I heard them I didn't know them. Horses for courses really. I would have known Spa though!
I think some of you clever people on here forget that not everybody is as clever as you. Add in the tension of having to answer fairly quickly and it's not as easy as you may think.
He did have lovely teeth though.

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Tipping Point Finalist 14/09/16

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