The Girl Who Lost Her Face

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pastafreak | 20:03 Fri 23rd Oct 2015 | TV
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Unreported World on on catch-up if you can.
The story of one of the many Bangladeshi victims of acid attacks. Very moving,such a brave young woman who was punished for spurning a suitor.


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Without wishing to suggest that it would, *if* such an attack meant that the woman, ultimately, never married or had children wouldn't that count as a mini-genocide? I would count all the potential descendents as casualties, too.

It's probably not being punished as sternly as murder under local law but I see it as being just as severe as that.

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@Hypo....I was thinking along similar lines. These young women are not just scarred physically...they are rejected by those closest to them and carry a lifelong stigma. The "blame" is on them,and the only people who can/will support them are fellow victims.
Sadly we have imported people from Asia in to this country who now do the same thing here.


Well, the most the perpetrator would get would be a spell inside, for GBH. An improvement on getting away scot-free, as in the sub-continent but not permanent, like the damage done.

One loose end: It's only a decade or so since arranged marriages were the subject of western concerns. Are these victims among the first generations to be allowed to make their own partner choices?

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The Girl Who Lost Her Face

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