Song On An Episode Of Emmerdale

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kimbo72 | 18:28 Sun 14th Sep 2014 | TV
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HELP!!!!! I'm going crazy!!!

I was watching Emmerdale episode on Monday 8th September when a song came on. I love the song but can't remember the name or title of it. It was when Sam Dingle and Tracy were dancing in the front room and the song was playing on the telly. I can't hear the words properly otherwise I'd google them!!!

Tracy bumped the telly and it fell to the floor and smashed.

If anyone could help me out please,I would be eternally grateful as the song is going round and round in my head!!

Forever grateful,


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"In paradisum" by Gabriel Faure was in one of the Emmerdale programmes this week
Scissor Sisters (Filthy Gorgeous) was also on
Question Author
Thanks for you help factor-fiction. I checked it out but unfortunately it's not the one that was playing. It's a pop song that was played but thanks for helping
If you can attach a link to the programme on itv player and tell me the time of the clip I'll listen to it and will probably know it
Question Author
Ok I'll try to do that but not sure how to!! Bear with me!!
Here is the episode. You tell me the time of the clip
Just as the telly falls!
Question Author
The song is 24 minutes into the programme
I'm not going to sit through all of Emmerdale - i haven't seen it since Joe Sugden was a young lad.
Going out. Will look back in 30 mins
Thanks. Will be back later
It's Ghost by Ella Henderson
I just watched it Factor lol
Question Author
FrogNog- YOU ARE A STAR!!!!!!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Back now but too late. I'd have known that one! Maybe next time
I'd just signed up for an ITV player account too. 'll probably have forgotten the password when i next need it
Sorry Factor :(
Question Author
Thanks to both of you!! If I need you again I'll shout out loud.....

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Song On An Episode Of Emmerdale

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