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lilacben | 00:08 Thu 31st Oct 2013 | TV
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seen this weeks episode and a bit confused.? Can anyone tell me what is going on?


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This series is a bit disjointed and I'm on the verge of being bored with it. This weeks epsiode (if I've got it right) suggested that Carrie's stay in the hospital was a ruse set up by her and Saul to draw out the people that got her out of the hospital. If that makes sense.
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ok so that is why she said "it worked Saul". I did wonder but thought I had missed something.? well I must of I suppose. Right that makes sense, Thankyou. It isnt very good this time is it ? just hope it gets better. or I will stop watching.And where have they taken Brody.......? did the other side kidnap him again? many thanks
Brodie is still in Caracus as far as I know, Lord knows how he got there though, they seem to be a bit shy with explanations at the moment.

I'm not keen on the daughter storyline, especially now as we have to worry if she's hooked up and on the run with a potential murderer.
I'm confused too by the current storyline. If it was a ruse set up by Carrie and Saul why did Carrie appear to be surprised and shocked by what Saul said to the committee about her being bipolar? Wasn't she on her own at the time? She would have known what he was going to say. Did I miss something?
Good point Dodger............Carrie is getting on my nerves big time, she is overplaying her part.
She had to act the part - and that was certainly an unexpected twist. I think it's brilliant! Best thing on television at the moment. God knows how Brody is going to get out of the dilemma he's in.
Agree with sqad, big time, I have stopped watching this series, life is too short, to keep asking myself, what was that about ?
Didn't his captor, the one with the black beard, mention Carrie's name? As far as her storyline is concerned, would she have been able to maintain the ruse under the sort of chemical "therapy" they were pumping into her?
She's a bit like Jack Bauer from 24. You know, smash him to pieces and five minutes later he's fighting fit and saving the world. ;o)
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Well cannot wait until tonight's episode.....can I? Just hope it is better than the first two.! I wondered how Brodie landed up in Caracus.? Wasnt the last time we saw him he was in a goverment car? In my mind Carrie needs locking up and keeping there.!!
The last time we saw him, I thought, was when he and Carrie separated after the bomb blast. I assume he ended up in South America because, as a wanted man, he couldn't travel within the US or Canada. Where else could be go?

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