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1rovert | 23:30 Thu 29th Aug 2013 | TV
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Surely the Yourkshire Police must feel that the Emmerdale writers have portrayed them in a poor light.

1st. They didn't check her phone and the recorder, as it was on the floor, so she could have been listening to it while driving. (Yes! we knew it, but they didn't), so why was it not checked?

2nd. She died of suffocation, the pathologist must have been a beginner to have missed that.

The female detective must have instructions from above, but acted (forgive this my error ) as if she war running the whole thing.


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I must admit I felt let down by the pathology report which should have clearly indicated that she was suffocated.
Maybe, her injuries were so catastrophic, she could have died from any one of them.
it was the same when Carl (??) was murdered. why didn't anyone notice there were 2 blows to his head, and not one? Chas only hit him once, so obviously didn't kill him.
Can't understand how this awful programme and its evermore ridiculous plots still arouse interest.As for the actor that plays Marlon,what is he on?
such bad writing these days ! surely any copper worth his salt would have checked the dictaphone!!

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