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Mrsspagnoli57 | 17:43 Tue 21st May 2013 | TV
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Series 3 is currently showing on Sky Atlantic on Monday nights at 9pm. Last nights episode was no 8 of 10. It is not listed for next week. Anyone know why? or when the remaining two episodes of series 3 will be transmitted? The Sky Atlantic site gives no clues and I need my weekly dose of Tyrion Lannister!


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Am guessing probably school holidays in the US, usually the reason for all the season breaks.
Question Author
Thanks-I did wonder if the US transmission had something to do with it.
Think they said at the end of last nights episode that it would be back on 3rd June.
Its Bronn for me, though that said Daario Naharis looks pretty good ;0)

There is a one week break... something to do with a drop in viewing figures in the US last year :0/

Lisa x
Oooh yes, Daario Naharis...tasty :) A bit of a love interest for Daenerys maybe?
Sky Atlantic airs GoT in the UK the day after HBO broadcasts in the US.
Next week's GoT slot is being used for the premiere of 'Behind the Candelabra', Steven Soderbergh's biopic of Liberace, but returns the following week.
I get Bronn though have a hard time getting over him being Jerome Flynn from the Soldier Soldier days :)

I quite liked the French sounding one who rescued Aria from Harrenhal.

For an older guy there is something about Charles Dance!
^GoT slot on HBO
Jacqen H'ghar for me...he'd be very lucky to make it out of the room :)
I was gutted when they finished off Drogo, I don't usually go for big build men (well, huge in his case) but I did like him, after he was tamed a bit and went all "nice".
I liked Khal Drogo in the previous series.
Snap Eve :) Jason Momoa mmmmmm
That's the one I meant Sharingan, gorgeous!
Question Author
Thanks to all-must have missed the announcement last night. Robb Stark great too!!!! Just waiting for that evil toad Joffrey to get his comeuppance.
Have any of you read all of the books?
Yeah I've read them all so far :)
hehe... I'm watching it with someone who has not read them.... can't wait!!!!

Lisa x

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