The Fall Episode 2

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Davethedog | 12:14 Tue 21st May 2013 | TV
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Can anyone explain something to me.

After Gillan Anderson "sleeps" with the policeman she gives him her phone No, he later sends a rather revealing photo, which she obviously doesn't take kindly to.

After that she tells him she made a mistake, was it simply that photo or did I miss something


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Deep psychological issues aimed to contrast and compare with the psycho main character. She didn't want him to shower and wouldn't let him touch her indicating that she doesn't want a relationship. When he texted her I think she thought he was becoming clingy too soon.

Deeply disturbing but compelling viewing tho isn't it!
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Thanks Zacs - Yes it is compelling, can't believe how its dragged me in.

If the big cheese is covering up for some people, is he covering up for more?

They have already commissioned a 2nd series.
She must be mad, he was a hunk! Can't believe he was shot dead - wonder how she'll react when she finds out. I love this series, wish is was on every night instead of every week.
Thanks for the spoiler alert viv! LOL

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The Fall Episode 2

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