Project Nim On Telly Last Night

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ChillDoubt | 09:51 Sun 24th Mar 2013 | TV
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Anybody watch it? It was a desperately sad tale of a chimp taken from it's mother in infancy and initially raised by humans as part of a University study on how to get animals to communicate and use sign language.

Some of the participants/teachers/handlers were off the scale and the project leader appeared more interested in sleeping with the under grads than the welfare of the chimp. I won't spoil it for anyone who wants to watch it but some of the events left me literally open mouthed.

It made difficult viewing at times but I'd urge you to stick with it.

For anyone interested:


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It was very sad :-(
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I don't know about you ummmm but terrible as it may seem, IMHO it would have been kinder to euthenase him when they pulled the project, instead of putting him through all that psychological trauma.
Human beings at their worst, although I'm sure those involved didn't see it like that. Humans made him what he was and then to a great degree abandoned him. Compulsive but very, very uncomfortable viewing for us in this day and age.

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Project Nim On Telly Last Night

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