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cupid04 | 21:04 Mon 04th Feb 2013 | TV
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What happened to Tyrone's second phone that he used to phone Fiz on? The reason I ask is wouldn't be possible to retrieve the photos that Kirsty deleted of Tyrones injuries.


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Kirsty deleted everything...
Didn't Kirsty trash it?
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but is it possible to undelete? that's what I was asking. Obviously not if she smashed it!
Yes, Cupid, I have been told by friends more techno savvy than me that it is possible (dont know how tho)
My thoughts too, they can retrieve a lot of so-called deleted data. Don't they watch CSI in Corrie St? Wear a wire and get her to talk about her treatment of Tyrone, put us all out of our misery!
I must have missed a lot of episodes,last time I saw it it was Tyrone's House,how is he not living there now?
It is still Tyrone's house but the bail conditions means he must stay away from it.
Not uncommon in domestic abuse allegations.
I thought the pictures were sent to the new phone that Tyrone had, but were also still on the original phone. V confusing!
Thanks hc.
never mind that, which bank will David and Kyleigh be getting this mortgage from cos my son needs a mortgage and he is on NMW and his girlfriend works in a bar at night
Did anybody notice in the 2nd episode of Corrie tonight, the baby veing pushed in the dark in a pram was in fact a doll.
first time we saw the other side of gails house tonight too (the fireplace wall)

Tyrone is officially the stupidest person in the World

And Fizz isn't far behind

Both destined for lots more pain before the 'great triumph' over Kirsty

(and how great an actress is Natalie Gumede?)
DJ a couple I know have been offered a mortgage and both of them are on NMW or very little more. It's the deposit that's the stumbling block - not a problem for David and Kylie as Audrey has said she will give them the deposit.
the witch undoubtedly got at it, i hope this storyline gets better.. for Tyrone.
Yes again, unrealistic behavoir from Tyrone. Anyone in his position would record conversations with Kirsty. Also it is possible to retrieve photos by someone with know how. Don't they think of these things when writing the script?
Not so easy to record conversations with a control freak who goes through your phone, unless you want to risk using bugging devices.
Did Kirstie keep the phone or give it back to Tyrone?
/Don't they think of these things when writing the script? /

Yes they probably do

But their objective is developing the drama as far as they reasonably can - not resolving it prematurely with boring sensible-ness

Remember, if the girl didn't check out the attic in the middle of the night during the thunderstorm - there'd be no Horror Film :-)

It needs to be plausible - not realistic

That rather applies to just about everything in Corrie

If it was realistic, the characters wouldn't just rotate between jobs in Underworld, Streetcars, Dev's, Roy's Rolls and Owen's builders yard (the GP surgery now seems to be off limits)

And of course, all of those jobs pay wages sufficient for regular dining at the Bistro and drinking at The Rovers

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