Four In A Bed

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gollob | 08:56 Sat 02nd Feb 2013 | TV
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In this weeks "Four In A Bed" , The Winterbourne Hotel at Blackpool was adjudged the winner. It was by far the worst of the four hotels.It was the only hotel of the four that I would not like to stay in. The Salutation in Sandwich was so far ahead of the others it was not true. It even had a free drinks cabinet in the room, and breakfast with a butler. I think they scored all ten out of ten except one. A disgraceful result.


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It was stupid to pit the Blackpool sh!thole against Buckingham Palace ......made the show a joke.
08:58 Sat 02nd Feb 2013
It was stupid to pit the Blackpool sh!thole against Buckingham Palace ......made the show a joke.
Totally agree. It was obvious The Winterbourne would win because everyone would think how cheap it was (even though it was dire) by comparison and overpay.
The Salutation was superb. a ridiculous outcome.
How can you compare the B&Bs on the programme ? I think it would be much fairer to have the same sort of accomodation in each prog. Be it by star rating or cost. The judging would be much fairer then.
They judge on 'best value'.
I don't think the contestants really care who wins - they enter for the free publicity and advertising.

The owners of The Salutation paid the Blackpool couple nearly double and said how clean the place was. It's not my cup of tea but neither is £200 for one night B&B.
I would have been honest and paid nothing for the Blackpool dive.

Why does any B&B allow smoking in the rooms this day and age?

It's a fire hazard and the smell never goes away.

The Salutation won hands down but because of what they paid the Blackpool B&B thats how it was a complete farce of a result. And how come they can allow smoking? Bizarre!
Hotels and b&bs can allow smoking in designated bedrooms. All bedrooms can be smoking rooms. Not bizarre at all.
If you watch this episode again there was a mistake. The winterbourne was overpaid by 37 pound abd the salutation was over paid by 40 pound so how comes winterbourne won?

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Four In A Bed

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