Eggheads Team beaten

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robert551069 | 06:20 Sat 08th Sep 2012 | TV
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Four Welshman have just won £10,000 by beating the remaining two Eggheads, Barry and Kevin.
Surprisingly, they were beaten by not being able to name the country from where the word shampoo originates. (The answer was India as it is a Hindi word)
The lucky Welshmen were fortunate in being asked two questions about Wales which they were bound to know.


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including yesterday, the Eggheads have now been beaten four times in a row - have no idea how old the series we are watching is, but I doubt it happens very often
The entire team were once defeated by a single opponent.

I knew the thing about shampoo...surprised they didn't.
ok after some hunting, we're watching series 10 here in Oz so we're quite a way behind - never mind, very interesting, but very sad to see a contestant killed himself after appearing and winning with his team

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Eggheads Team beaten

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