Doctors Thursday 29th March

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albaqwerty | 14:23 Thu 29th Mar 2012 | TV
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What a hoot.

It's about time we had a good giggle and it delivered that in spades today.


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Can you please tell me what happened? I missed it!
Sorry alba but I thought it was a bit stupid. I've never really taken to Elaine.
I don't like Elaine either! Heston's back soon and he gets burgled. Does anyone think his ex psycho is still on the loose?
I thought the funniest episode recently was when Julia, Elaine and Karen
thought they were high on a joint and it turned out all the cigarette contained
was some tarragon. Must try that when I next feel like getting giggly and silly!
Can't agree, It was farcical, it should be about the surgery and the patients
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Bobbie, it was Elaine meddling with her 2 sisters lives. (I'm not a fan of hers either) Set is a Spa and the husbands of each sister turned up, each sister was taking it in turns to be in a wheelchair as neither husband had seen their sister-in-law for ages. All this to-ing and fro-ing was watched by an American businessman to his great amusement. He was rather dishy and gave his card to Elaine at the end. Hopefully she'll move to the US. The nasty husband ended up in the wheelchair.

Oh Cupid, that was hilarious,thinking they were speeding going pass the cop car!!!
What made the Hollin's neighbour scream at the end of todays Doctors [fridays]?
The Hollinsssssss had noticed that some of the sushi supplied by the caterers were actually alive and the nosy neighbour had put some in her handbag to take home. They were laughing because they hadn't told her after everyone had left. The scream was her finding out. Lol.
I don't think I'll bother having sushi. Thanks chrissa1.

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Doctors Thursday 29th March

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