How many Freeview channels do you have

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bibblebub | 10:14 Wed 21st Mar 2012 | TV
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I have cable tv so I'm only asking out of interest...

2 weeks ago BBC2 analogue was replaced by 21 digital channels (10 tv + 11 radio, all bbc). Today the switchover was completed and replacing the other 3 analogue channels (never could get Channel 5) there are just an extra 10 tv channels - making a total of 18 tv and 10 radio channels, not the 80 channels listed on the freeview website

Do you get all 80 channels? If so, did they all become available immediately or did some only appear in the following days/weeks?


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oops - just an extra 8 tv channels today (not 10)
Have you rescanned for channels? You are advised to do this on the switchover.
Yes, got them all. Always had all the Freeview channels that are available - though new ones are added every now and again, for which you ask the TV to add. "Switchover" made no difference to the number of channels available.
I retune about once a month. I think my total is about 100-ish. That includes all TV, radio, data etc.
I have more than that lots of shopping and stuff, however I have two tv's off the same ariel feed and on one TV I can't get ITV or 5 but I can off the other??
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The switchover was supposed to be at 6am but had already been done by 5:40 when i first turned on; so I retuned immediately, and have given it a go twice more since.

It's like having a new toy and I'll probably try retuning several more times before today is out since it's very easy to do, so I was simply wondering about other people's experience of the switchover because it feels like a bit of an anticlimax to only have an additional 8 channels so far.
You can probably re-tune as often as you like if you go to Function Menu on your DVD handset, then To Others option, then Setup, to Tuning, and Auto Setup Restart.
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Thanks for the suggestion but my tv has a built-in freeview tuner and the location of the menu option in your set-up almost certainly doesn't match mine. In fact I don't have a DVD player - I have a BluRay player which is not connected to the aerial.

I've just retuned again and there are still only 29 channels.
Rowridge transmitter??

If so it's due to have further power increases (and some changing about of the frequencies for some channels) on 18th April.
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Ta Chuck, I did see that date mentioned earlier so maybe the number will increase then. And, as I originally mentioned, I have all the channels on cable tv anyway so it's not like I'm missing out on anything; the original question was simply out of interest in what is available to other people.
Just retuned, thanks for reminder, total channels found including radio, 146, that's just a freeview Tv, no sky, no other extras.

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