last of the summer wine

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HowardKennitby | 20:25 Sun 04th Mar 2012 | TV
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Hi all

Watching repeats of this on Yesterday.

Does anyone know what Compo was alleged to have in the matchbox?




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I don't think we were ever told, part of the charm isnt it.
I don't know, something disgusting I bet. I love that programme.
My husband is besotted with LOTSW ...... he watches every programme on Sky or Freeview every time any are on, it drives me mad. Surely people are fed up with this series now, the programmes are broadcast several times every single day - talk about overkill! How many actual episodes did they make - does anyone know? I know it is finished being filmed now most of the actors have died!
295 - I think it was a question on The List quiz programme one Tuesday recently
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Thanks all. That was what I had expected.

For Ann86

I do agree that in its latter days it was a very tired idea well past its sell-by date.
Goodness me - I didn't realise they had made all those episodes, but I still bet Hubby could tell you most of them word for word, he has seen the repeats so often :) It was a nice programme though, a little twee maybe, but no bad language which is a refreshing change from the kind we get today, but my only grumble is that they are forever on in this house!! :(

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last of the summer wine

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