Midwives fans anyone?

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cathfromsaron | 21:37 Sun 19th Feb 2012 | TV
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thoroughly enjoyed the last episode and loved the wedding scene, ling the local church!

new 8 parter coming next summer ...


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I've only seen a couple of episodes but the last one was great. Loved Camilla's conversation with her mother. "Not white, not entitled anymore". lol
Best series in many a year, thoroughly enjoyed it.
Haha Barmaid! I was in kinks at that line!
yes, brilliant line delivered by Chummy! Loved the series!
Not my usual cup of tea-but thoroughly enjoyed it. Shame we have to wait a year for another series. ;-(
I've enjoyed this series so much, even though every single episode has made me cry. So glad it's coming back.
I have enjoyed every episode except for tonight's.

There was to much time taken with the Nun being accused of shoplifting and not enough about the midwifes delivering babies!

Was the actress tonight who had triplets the same girl who used to be in Coronation Street?
Yes, it's the actress who played Gail's daughter in Corrie, Sarah Jane.
or Perhaps Sarah Louise :-)
I suppose this means that Miranda Hart won't be in the next series - shame!
Why shouldn't she?
Is it because the character would no longer live in the convent?...or because she may have given up work due to marriage?
I somehow don't see that. She did not give in to her mums desire that she do something more 'worthy'-so I think she would continue with her vocation as a midwife.
Was brilliant cath. Roll on next summer to watch a follow up. x
I suppose she could come back, but she has other committments. I expect if she wants to leave then her PC husband could be sent to another part of London. I got the impression she wouldn't be in the next series as a regular when she was being interviewd on BBC.
It had more viewers than Downton apparently - well deserved. Loved it when Chummy came on the phone to her mum and said 'what-ho mater'. Such a good actress.
Loved the series and now brought the books, look forward to the next, all the characters were perfect especially Chummy.
Yes, I also loved it. Although Mr Frog was far too squeamish to watch and had to leave the room. What a wuss!
I thought it was great, thoroughly refreshing - as well as very emotional. I did feel it was very much a woman's show though, my OH just couldn't get into it, he couldn't see the funny bits at all and was quite un-fazed with the emotional side of it. Looking forward to the next one though!
Can anyone tell me if the actress who plays Jenny in Call the Midwife was also in the film The Woman in Black, in a very small part as the nanny to Daniel Radcliffe's little boy?

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Midwives fans anyone?

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