mother truckers.

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cupid04 | 23:38 Thu 09th Feb 2012 | TV
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Anyone know the voice of the presenter of this programme:- mother
truckers' that's on channel 4 at the moment?


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No, but she is not pleasant to listen to is she?
it was Charlotte West-Oram apparently. Never heard of her, but I didn't like the narration. (no offence Charlotte if you see this). Too posh for me.
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Thankyou the winner. I agree with you about her being too posh!
Hi cupid, long time no speak! See you around soon mate.
When I saw the trailer for this (no pun intended!) I thought the old girl who trained them looked like the old woman in Benidorm.
Was anyone else surprised when they revealed the woman towards the end was actually transgender?

No.... me neither.
I did start to write a comment about 'her' but deleted it as I thought someone might be offended!
I did wonder about posting myself lankeela but there is nothing offensive in whay i said, it was just very obvious she was once a man.
I was on the computer, heard the voice, and looked up :-)
Yes the voice gave it away.
Lol, me too. You know when you hear a voice without seeing the face and then get a surprise when you look up.

There is a woman BBC presenter that had a really masculine voice. i swear she is a bloke.

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mother truckers.

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