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Mr-H | 21:10 Sun 25th Dec 2011 | TV
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No doubt this has been asked and answered elsewhere, but my wife wants to know what has happened to the tattooed lady who was the original soloist, and sang at the Festival of Remembrance etc. On the recent Graham Norton show a different person 'took the lead'. A n?


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I didn't see graham Norton's show but the tattoed lady with glasses did the lead on Top of The Pops today
Don't know if it's relevant but during the making of the original programme the soloist's mother was unfortunately involved in a RTA that left her with multiple injuries, so she's possibly had a little break from choir duties.
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Thanks Phil... I'd forgotten that. You could be right. I hope the lady is making good progress.
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Seeing the headline in yesterday's SUN, perhaps its the computer yobs who have upset her so much so much she feels she cannot perform. I hope not, I thought she has a great voice, and whether she has tattoos or nor is purely her business!!
what computer yobs?
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The article clims 'trolls' on sites such as Facebook and Twitter - also describes them as bullies.
because she has tattoos or because she doesn't have a strong voice?
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'disgusting woman with disgusting tattoos'
if you chose to get loads of tattoos in a place where everyone can see them, surely you already don't really care what other people think about them though? if she is upset that people can see her tattoos and don't like them, then why get them in the first place?
Entirely agree with can't care about people's opinions if you can get them done and have them on display surely?
good for her. she is what she is.
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hmmm thanks
Will they be appearing at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo thius coming summer then.....?
personally i dont care if people have tattoos it dosen't make their personality any different. However, i don't really understand how you can have so many on show THEN care what everyone thinks
While I agree with your sentiments, bedknobs, I think in this case it was the incident/accident with her mother that unnerved her, followed up by some unsavoury press comments when she was perhaps vulnerable, so there are some extenuating circumstances. She was "nervous" about starring in the first place......(second programme if my memory serves me)
What about the health dangers of body piercing and tattooing also gaining in popularity, Doctors say that tattooing can pose medical risks, such as hepatitis and perhaps AIDS, if sanitary measures are not taken. Then there is the prospect of being permanently decorated long after the fad has passed out of style. True, some tattoos can be zapped away by a laser. But laser treatment involves several painful sessions, costing hundreds pound each.
i'm sure hepatitis isn't "popular"!
Elderman is correct about risks but tattoo parlours are licensed these days, so the risks are mitigated. I don't like tattoos on women, particularly when they are visible on summer clothes etc., I think it's disfiguring - but that doesn't take away from the fact that the soloist has a lovely voice, she had sung before, and I hope she gets a chance to keep it up now they've found her again. I haven't heard any more about her mum's accident.

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