Strictly - Tess looks awful again

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cathfromsaron | 19:31 Sun 04th Dec 2011 | TV
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just seen a preview! that gold dress is abyssmal and unflattering! and her roots are baaaad!

who on earth advises her?

cath x


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Has she got red lipstick on again? She had it last night again and I think it makes her look ill/unhappy
Is it just me or does anyone else think she is rather masculine?
Can't the BBC afford a comb
It really annoys me when the presenters talk about 'Saturday night's show' when it haS been recorded.
Do they think we are all idiots. Love strictly though!
Shame Robbie is out. He is lovely, there you go though. Jason is such a pompous little bunny
jeez i wouldnt mind looking like her
she has a bit of muscle definition that may mean she does a lot of gym stuff
i'm quite interested to know how lipstick can make one look unhappy :)
Maybe I'm completely wrong- or maybe I'm better at sensing things than you are, bednobs.Maybe it makes her look pale and makes her eyes look less sparkly.
That red lippy drains her! Tonight's gold frock? Sparkly potato sack!
who lets the cats out?
Not being catty. She's a pretty girl but some of the things she wears leave a lot to be desired - she looked great in the black outfit on Saturday night.
When she gets the outfit right she looks great but when she gets it wrong boy it does her no favours. Just don't get me started on Miss Winkleman, she always looks like she's bee dragged through a hedge she just naturally disinclined to be tidy?
OK it's just me then:-(
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yes v manly!

thanks for replies!

cath x
In last nights show (movies theme) I hardly recognised her with her wavy hair and bright red lippie......
Strange how some people suit red lipstick and some look absolutely dreadful in it and it changes their looks to become almost unrecognisable. I look awful in it as I usually wear a pale peachy shade.
is tess long or short for another name
What about when they wear black lippy and nails, UGH, Zombies!
hi carlton, are you well ?
She looks as though she's trying to vamp up, she's changed since her OH was caught texting. Doesn't suit her though.

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Strictly - Tess looks awful again

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