Life's Too Short

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haysi06 | 23:32 Fri 25th Nov 2011 | TV
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I love this. Outrageously funny, not everyone's cup of tea, ratings not great but I think it's hilarious.

Anyone else watching?


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Yeah we it....Warwick is very funny
Question Author
He is. Star Wars wedding speech was hilarious.
Yes, I love it and the one with Liam Neeson was brilliant!
The scene with liam neeson was the funniest thing Ive seen in ages and then helena bonham carter "I just cant look at it" hilarious but not everyone gets that type of humour I suppose.
I like small bits of it. (No pun intended)
i think warwick is coming across as a smaller version of david brent (the office), but generally we like it alot.
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It's cringeworthy but very funny, love Stephen Merchant in it too.

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Life's Too Short

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