Granny in EE - Has she had a head transplant?

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puternut | 00:24 Thu 28th Apr 2011 | TV
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Am I mistaken or is it a 'new' actress playing Janines granny.

This one reminds me of Carmel McShrry for some reson!!!


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This is Janine's mums mum - the other granny was her dads mum (I think)
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Yes - I do remember her

What I mean is she has only come into the soap and somewhere between her stay in hospital and now is it a different actress??

PS meant Carmel McShArry
Yes, it is a different actress, it was in the TV Times and gossip mags. Evidently the original pulled out at the last minute for 'personal' reasons'

I remember reading an article on MSN last week saying that they had to change the actress as the original actress left due to personal reasons.
ah, I'm with you now lol
I only saw last night that she was a different woman than the one Janine visited in hospital =)
The new actress is Heather Chasen is played the first and best villianess in soap. If you are old enough to remember the great Valerie Pollard in the Crossroads.
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Thanks guys ('n' galls)

I can tell my OH I am not going completely bonkers as she thinks I am!!!
<pulled out at the last minute for 'personal' reasons'>
I know the feeling!
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So not only do they re-cycle stories (immigration officer looking for overstayer - Emmerdale (Sams E Europe friend) - Xin in Corrie - Mercy in EE)

They also recycle soap characters names - Val Pollard!!!!

Not to mention recycleing actors from say Hollyoaks in EE, actors from Neighbours in Corrie ----- no wonder 99% of actors are 'resting'
Who was the Neighbours actor in Corrie, pute?
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My error Arti - meant to say Neighbours & Emmerdale

Val Pollards son, Paul, ran off with the Aussie bloke who played 'Sam Kratz' in Neighbours then moved over to Home & Away as 'Dr Lachlan Frazer'.

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Granny in EE - Has she had a head transplant?

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