Vicar of Dibley

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jubieanna | 01:32 Wed 27th Apr 2011 | TV
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I've just watched the episode when Alice and Hugo get married. I have laughed so loud I woke up my husband who is on a morning shift tomorrow! oops I've been told off now LOL

Anyone else like Vicar of Dibley?


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Yes I love the vicar of Dibley.My favourite episode is when It should hve been me was sung when the vicar's boyfriend got married to someone else.

You talking about screaming with laughter and waking your husband up reminds me Of when Mr. Cupid and I first got married and for the first few weeks we had to stay
with his mum and dad. Well, husband had gone to bed and I sat up watching horror
film with my inlaws when something in the film made me jump and I screamed. Mr.
Cupid just mumbled what the f... and went back to sleep.
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Mr J can't wait for me to go back to school (i'm a TA) instead of staying uo late every night talking to AB lol
Sweet dreams both of you.xx
I love the Vicar of Dibley jubie and the wedding one was hilarious. The flashing lights on the wedding dress and the teletubbies as bridesmaids made me cry with laughter. Shame it's not still on.
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I've got the box set of all the episodes Jan but I still watch it on Sky when it's repeated. I still find it hilarious every time I watch it
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Mr Grumpy is moaning lol so I'd better go now. Night all xx
Night jubie. I might have to look into getting the boxed set myself.

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Vicar of Dibley

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