The Weakest Link will be no more!

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bibblebub | 21:42 Fri 22nd Apr 2011 | TV
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When Anne Robinson's contract runs out next spring, the BBC is not going to replace her and so The Weakest Link will end then.

Will you miss it or not? Or who should the BBC consider to take over the presentation?

I reckon that it's well past it's best and so the end can't come soon enough.


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I agree
I'd say, put it to rest when she goes. It's run its course.
I agree too and I cannot stand A R and what she has become in this show.
there are a few that are past their best, deal or no deal, who wants to be a millionaire, xfactor and britains got talent to name a few
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No I won't miss it. I also won't miss Deal or No Deal

I have a nasty thought that they will each be replaced with food/property programmes tho
Deal or No Deal was never any good, where's the skill in just guessing a number?
Question Author
Will they ever run out of "tat in the attic" or "can't be bothered to go to the estate agents" type shows? One can only hope.
urg and how about I'll fix your house seeing as you were a numpty for getting ripped off in the first place? type of programme
yeah I hate all those "crap in the attic" types of shows or the one where they by tat from a car boot sale and try to sell it.
Television as a whole is past it's sell by glad when it all finishes.

Apart from Match of the Day....well not the show on a Sunday,the presenter annoys me.

I also like that Scottish bloke walking around the British isles looking over his shoulder towards the camera...The one with the long hair..That's a good show.
All the others are rubbish..Oh and The Simpsons,thats good.
Neil Oliver, WBA - he's fab. I hear he has insured his wild hair....

Private Eye will suffer as to their column on Dumb Britain.
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best show on the box is University Challenge (though not on currently)
They will not be able to replace Anne Robinson. Nobody could be as harsh or cynical as she is!
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JonnyBoy - you can't be serious. There are thirty ABers at least who could do her job, given the sardonic crap that flies around here.....
I could live without it
not necessarily in this order, BOO, craft, ttfn

They are so much better than Anne R :)
all that sardonic crap is especially written for her

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The Weakest Link will be no more!

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