Does anyone remember this?

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Velvetee | 19:23 Sun 19th Sep 2010 | Reality TV
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I'm sure most people who enjoy Docusoaps will remember the BBC's Paddington Green, which followed the day to day lives of residents in Paddington. The three residents I particularly remember were Jackie Mcauliffe the Transsexual Prostitute, Harry the Wigmaker and Jason the Locksmith.

Anyway, during the series, Jackie appeared on The Heaven & Earth show, the guest presenter was TV Chef Kevin Woodford. Now, does anyone remember this episode, I will always as I was so shocked by what he asked Jackie. Suddenly, Kevin just said "So Jackie, you were bu ggered, weren't you"? Jackie paused for a second or two and looked uncomfortable, Kevin repeated the question, "you were bu ggered"? to which Jackie replied she had been sexually abused when she was younger. Does anyone remember this? I would have thought it would be mentioned somewhere online, but can find nothing.

Incidentally, does anyone know where the characters featured in paddington Green are now?



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Hey Velvetee, I remember Paddington Green well, thoroughly enjoyed watching the series too, was that Jackie anorexic too ? Didnt she die ?
I haven't watched all of it but all episodes seem to be available on Youtube (each in 3 parts)
Here's a link for Episode 1 part 1:
There's a similar programme on this week about Notting Hill - Wednesday at 10pm, its called Seven Days.
my goodness - i missed that one! What a t0sser!

I loved paddington green and have often wondered what happened to them all.

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