Leon singing on X Factor last night

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ceejn | 17:56 Sun 12th Oct 2008 | Reality TV
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I really like young Leon.
When he won last year a lot of people thought he didn't have the ' X ' factor and i disagreed.
But last night i thought he looked out of his depth and i didn't think he had that 'certain something' .
Hope hes single does well when its released tomorrow as i do think he has a good voice but i feel we wont be hearing too much more from him...anyone agree ?


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agree strangely i am listening to his single on a radio station,someone said he had lost weight and agitated, didnt want to be there i think he forced the song out!!!!
As i said on an earlier thread, leon really looked like he was desperate for the loo with all that bobbing about, maybe he thought he might have to face the judges.
I could never see he was a real star, and couldnt even remember who last year's winner was until very recently. Whereas Leona has real star quality and amazing talent. I dont think Leon will be around for long - sorry I know he seems very nice and is quite cute, but not talented or anything out of the ordinary.
Personally I thought he was appaling.

More personality and talent in my bic biro
red, blue or black rev?
I thought he looked really ill!! and he has lost weight deffinately.
I thought he was very, very average.

No better than a good karaoke singer.

The last series of X Factor proved that ...

If you want to find a great singer, you have to start with a good singer ...

... not with a crowd of Wannabees.
leon should never of won. He is the worst x factor winner ever. His voice is just very average, nothing special. And when he was on the x factor on saturday he was rubbish his voice is too weak. Leona is a proper winner and deserved it as she has an outstanding voice which is really strong and powerful, leon has to try too hard to get the tune right. Rhydian should of won last year, he had a natural strong singing voice.
Thinking about it, I can't really say that I wish him luck.

The pubs and clubs are full of singers with much better voices than Leon.

It's a bit of a slap in the face for them when a music marketing company takes someone with not much talent or star quality, and just buys him a place in the pop charts.

pinkfluffo ... yes ... Leona Lewis has done well because her voice is stunning.
Did anyone notice how he kept bouncing and jiggin and over the place. It was sooooooooooo annoying!!!!
Glad it wasn't just me then. Couldn't believe how embarrassingly awful he was. As other posters have said, he kept jigging about and looking down and I thought he looked really thin. Dreadful.
So we all agree he's rubbish.

I'm glad I don't have shares in his production company ... they may taking a bit of a loss when Leon's CD comes out.
Yes I agree with most of you, he was all over the place and didnt look at all comfortable, the song was too big for his average voice
It wasn't so much the singing that put me off it was everything else. I'm sure he was better when he was auditioning. Not much better, but Saturday was really really horrible to watch. I even had to turn over the chanel for a bit because his bouncing was doing my head in getting me really annoyed. GRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!
That's what the sympathy vote gets us.....
thought it was just me. It sounds much better on radio play. He made a big mistake singing live as he won't be as used to it now. all that bobbin about was awful and i'm from his neck of the woods too

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Leon singing on X Factor last night

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