Nicole's attitude towards Mikey

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nat_84 | 11:26 Mon 11th Aug 2008 | Reality TV
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I can't stand this THING:

She has said the MOST outrageous thing's to Mikey, is she actually aware he's BLIND!?

"Just turn the sausages Mikey!! I'm having my hair done!!!
"But i can't see Nicole"
"Just hold the handle"
"I can't see they Handle!!"
"For god sake Mikey..."

Mikey feels his way around the kitchen...
"Mikey stop touching everything!!!!!"
"I have to Nicole!"

Cleaning up...
"Well you're not going to do it are you Mikey!!"

Am i being over the top or is she being completely inconsiderate!!!??


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No she is being rather rude, although he does put his minging hands everywhere the crisp task was disgusting when he put snot rags in it and no need to chew the brussells and put them back. But in the cake task no one had to eat it. She is rude
you forgot "Just bring the pan over here" about the sausages.. how mad was that..
She's horrible to him, she's just horrible.

In the diary room Rex said Hell houmates should be really grateful to Nicole because she did all the cooking and cleaning?
she was out of order, but i think that is her all over, a spolit inconsiderate bitch, she'll be gone this week i'm sure of it. Rex isn't exactly a catch but what the hell could anyone possibly see in her???????

mind you mikey freaks me out a bit with his manic grin.

Oh get the lot of em out and refuse them any publicity, that i would find funny...........
and, how much fat were they cooking the sausages in????
I had been thinking exactly the same thing. The sausage bit was so ridiculous, but of course she couldnt stop having her hair done. She talks to Mikey with such spite. I have said before I think Nicole and Rex deserve each other!!
I still feel that BB have put on a very poor show with the tasks, Mikey has been at such a disadvantage and he misses out on such a lot. He even has to take the instructions from the diary room in for one of the others to read. Surely they could do some stuff in braille or on audio so that he is not dependant on the others.
maybe because she's watched and thinks the audience might like it is she doesnt pussyfoot around him. Well theres pussyfooting like mario or just being damm right stupid and dengerous like nicole
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yeah i agree with you all - i can't believe the stuff that comes from her mouth.

perhaps you're right 4get and she just can't differ between allowing him to be independant and being rude towards to him.

I've actually grown to like Mikey a lot more than i used to.
But then the funniest thing was Nicole then took the pan over to Rex to ask if the sausages were cooked, she didn't even bl**y know!!!!
that nicola has no self respect, how could she let rex get away with sleeping with other girls. I;d be going in that house to dump him. And she snogged Sarah lastnight. I hate girls thats thinks its impressive, you're either gay or you're not. Surely thats cheating aswell even if its same sex
she is mad to let him paw her all the time where is her self respect! she's like a bimbo
like?? She is a bimbo
4get how on earth can you continue to watch it lol
I have no idea I dont always watch it. But yesterday I was comatosed on sofa after heavy night. I missed a couple last week.
its strangely addictive Rev, although i got told off this morning when OH switched tv on expecting sky sports and got BBlive (they were all alseep) he wasn't impressed
Funny I turned mine on expecting Channel 4 and got sky sports. :-&
not on is it 4get if your listening guys - if you wants the sports channel on f*** of home ;-)
I might somehow take it off the channel list

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Nicole's attitude towards Mikey

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