Davina Mcwotsit

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RevFunk | 14:26 Thu 19th Jun 2008 | Reality TV
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Is it just me or is she as bad/talentless as the misfits in the house?


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I meant I'll sign the petition to get 4get in lol Blimey Im slow posting today!
Yay - 3 names already!

See, you're even planning your format already! A sure sign you're the right person for the job!

Oooh, and your theme tune could be your namesake - all tongue in cheek because we DO forget about them - quickly.
Question Author
I think I should present it
Then your debtors would see you haven't fled the Country :p
Question Author
Dear me how sad
LOL, I'm yanking your chain, don't get upset! :)
you dont watch it do you rev?
Question Author
I watch it 4get after Ive drunk my own urine and gone "ah that was tasty"

obviously some people watch it then!! If you think Davina is bad what about the thing that presents little brother!!! OMG where did that come from?
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I rember about 3 years ago my partner fell asleep and left the telly on and I woke up in the middle of the nite with big brother on and it was a wedcam off the garden FFS lol

I just find it an insult to intelligence.

Last week I saw sum bird in the diary room crying because "she didnt expect it to be like this".

Burger me you're the one who auditioned for it.
LOL. I'd love to be in it if they let me take my ipod and lappy with net connection :)
Question Author
Just shows its pants when a mentalist can win it.

What was his name? Pete?

He should have been in a padded cell
you're very down with it all for something you dont actually like or enjoy. You'd be a rubbish presenter sorry :-)

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Davina Mcwotsit

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