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RevFunk | 14:26 Thu 19th Jun 2008 | Reality TV
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Is it just me or is she as bad/talentless as the misfits in the house?


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she likes to shout and yessss!
I cant stand Big Brother but I think Davina is brilliant, funny, likeable, and I would love to have her looks.
Do not despair Rev, this may not be the last we see of Big Brother, but I had been advised that Davina will no longer host the show.

I cant stand her stupid jokes and the silly faces she pulls.
She has a tattoo of the Geiger designed Queen Alien, from the Alien/s films. Apparently from a "dark time... she was in. Oh yeah and she's an ex junkie.
Oh yeah and said tattoo is on her ass. No sh!t.
And having tattoos and being an ex junkie affects what part of her abilities to present tv shows?
Question Author
She has no ability lol

A monkey in a suit could do a better job
I have said many times that the 'host' of BB is simply someone who delays the bit the viewers want, which is the show itself - and on that basis, no serious presentation skills are called for ...

which is just as well, because DM has none at all!

Apart from her lamentable 'chat show', what else does she actually do? She is the modern TV answer to Kenny Lynch.

Hopefully the whole thing has finally run out of steam.
I agree. The bl00dy woman is a talent-less waste of air.
ex junkie has nothing to do with her presenting, for one that shows what a stronger person she has now. But I agree she is rubbish at presenting BB now, it must get tedious after 9 years though.
I liked her on street mate
I think 4get would be great at it - you wouldn't beat around the bush with your questions to your evictees!
lol yeah get rid of Davina and put 4get in
I'm going to start a petition and send it to C4 :D
No I wouldnt. And I'd put together a tape of all alex contradictions. So one minute she's saying how can you dress up like a woman when you're muslim then show her dressed up as a geisha :-)
LOL - You'd pause the tape after each contradiction and demand she explain herself!

Great stuff!
and I'd tell Mario how boring he is and clip together everytime he talks about his business so he realises. Did anyone see BBBM and what they said one of the chinses signs said in English?
No, I stopped watching it after Russell stopped presenting LOL
I'll sign it! lol
And Sylvia going on about Alex talking behind peoples back, well she�d have nothing to go on about if Sylvia wasn�t such a go between and told her what others had said. And they said the sign said something like ' Mario Stop patronising Mikey you sad fat ugly something or other' lol

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Davina Mcwotsit

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