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cyanide | 17:14 Thu 18th Oct 2007 | Reality TV
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Well,right or wrong couple chosen to open the restaurant with the lovely Raymond?Will Jane ever stop crying?She`s pregnant too so she`ll probably cry even more!LOL


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Yesterday was the first time I'd seen it so I can't really judge...although I will anyway. I think the wrong couple won, the twins seemed much more able to cope with a stressful environment, far more organised and seemed to be getting the most enjoyment from the job. Jane seems like she's on the verge of a mental breakdown! I can't imagine that she's mentally equipped to cope with the job.
wrong couple won !!! I was really surprised at the result. Did you notice though that Jeremy never got flustered or seemed to break out in a sweat ?? So laid back. I didn't know Jane was pregnant, i knew Laura was.
I think the twins should of won too. They worked really well together.
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Well,i agree with metz and petal~flower i`d have liked the twins to win.Jane and her husband were on BBC Breakfast with Raymond and she announced her pregnancy.



Did that bl***y woman ever stop crying?!?!

No I think Raymond picked the wrong team and I can't imagine what he was thinking of.

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^^^ I know!She cried about EVERYTHING didn`t she?!
Do you think Raymond chose them because their type of cuisine is most like his own? I don't think he would be as keen to put his name to restaurants like Brown & Green or Spinach & Agushi as he would 'fine dining'?
Just a thought - I can't see why he would have chosen them otherwise.
O I thought the twins should have won as well -that Jeremy was so arrogant and he had a couple of snidey remarks on the after show programme when they all get interviewed.Little wonder Jane was always in tears -he must have put so much pressure on her -o and they lied when they were being interviewed by Raymond on the final programme.Jane said she hadnt broken down once in France and had actually been happy -that'll be why the staff had to do her work cos she was crying on the laptop saying she couldnt cope lol

The twins will make it on their own -I am convinced -they were really exhuberant
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Yep,i agree they`ll make it on their own,i really liked Raymond and i thought he was quite sweet,obviously he wouldn`t be to work with but i thought he had one of the nicest smiles on tv.

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