Who's going to win Hells Kitchen?

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suzy64 | 17:48 Mon 17th Sep 2007 | Reality TV
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I'm hoping it's Adele, she was so excited at getting through to the final and I didn't really like her before, but then that's probably just the character she plays on who is your choice?


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I didnt think I'd like adelle and mainly because of emmerdale how very wrong I was. She's great although I do love barry too. But I think most people know he's a genuinly nice bloke. Adelle has really earned it
I want Barry to win.
He is possibly the nicest man in history to have earned a living by punching the hell out of someone.
Go Bazza go !
I really think Adele deserves it.Far more professional & organised & has impressed me with her determination to learn.
Barry may get it on the sympathetic "nice bloke" vote though.
BTW - I do think Barry is a lovely bloke too!
adele has been great entertainment too, she has learnt more than anyone.
I'd like it to be a draw because they are both lovely. But I don't suppose that will happen, so I'll choose Adele.
I know what you mean Lacey - I'd like it to be a draw too.Often I don't give a stuff which one wins on some of these celeb reality shows ...or I have a favourite.In this case it's tough..I suppose still really should be based on ability in the kitchen.
*Wanders off to burn a pot noodle*

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Who's going to win Hells Kitchen?

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