BB dead and buried

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Scarlett | 18:30 Thu 06th Sep 2007 | Reality TV
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Have we all forgotten about BB now?! I have! It's sad- all those wannabees expecting their careers to start, whereas actually their careers are probably just ending now. I, for one, could not give a toss whether Ziggy and Chanelle get back together.
Anyone else?


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If you have actually forgotten Big Brother, what is the point of this question? You obviously haven't forgotten it!
fantastically valid point Jean! Scarlett, grow up dude!
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It's called evaluation. After the event you evaluate it. I had got used to coming to this thread, and I suddenly realised that I had no interest in it anymore! So I posted to find out if anyone else felt this way. And they do! Get it now?
No, not really.
I get it

(I also love the fact you've been told to grow up by someone who uses the word 'dude', dude)
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Ha ha Tiny- exactly.
i always feel that way about BB, at the time I am obsessed with what's happening and reading all the gos, but now, I coudn't give a monkeys. Not sure why though, just move on to the next thing I suppose!
eleven women enter.... one man leaves with the prize...... go figure
kidd72 - please explain.
well it all seemed so promising didn't it eleven women trapped together for three months. (now that would of been entertaining). It turned out to last for what seemed eons and the person who won it was a bloke.... it speaks volumes about the eleven women who first entered the house... and wasn't he well lets say not the brightest bloke on the planet... but yet he still won.

If this case was presented as a gender debate you have to admit its an iron clad case for blokes....also i think he is smarter than he let on and simply suckered everyone.
Oh I see kidd72. I think if they had left 11 women in there with no men there probably would have been a murder!
jeanc, if i'd have been in that house (satan would be skating to work on that day) it would have been murder also. those hair straighteners would have constantly been hidden......

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BB dead and buried

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