am i the only one that can't stand Liam and Ziggy?

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nat_84 | 01:21 Fri 24th Aug 2007 | Reality TV
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Havent been checking the BB threads out much on this site but wnated to know if i'm alone in thinking Liam is a Tw*t?! I know when i previously commented on BB threads people would say how wonderful and gorgeous Liam is... i honestly cant stand him. He has become so arrogant and up himself since he won that money too.

And i STILL can't stand Ziggy - and i dont see many people commenting on how much they hate him like they did in the chanelle days - which is a shame....

Oh and as commented on a previous thread me and abbii-x were right - BB is $hite since Charley left as we said it would be.... hate to say it but 'told ya so'...


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I agree 100% with you nat_84. Liam thinks he is so good and better than everyone else. He has become cocky and annoying. And i really hate ziggy too. He thinks he is so gorgeous and is always thinking about himself and what everyone on the outside world thinks about him. It really annoys me when people say they want them 2 to win.
I also don't like Brian, he is sometimes funny but is a total fake. Everyone wants him to win but i really don't like him.
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and even more annoyingly the crowd are probably gonna cheer Mr Ziggy-No-Lips to give him even more of an ego!

Well i'm glad you agree penlid. Cant believe there havent been any decent fellas in the house at all this year!
Don't let Brian win,nor the twins, annoying.
So if you don't like these two, please don't say you like the pervy naturist Jonty (who in my mind should be locked away for exposure!). And as for Carol, well. She is devious in the first degree. She is playing a crafty game, setting the youngsters up to paranoid, she knows exactly what she's doing and its working. She has it in for Ziggy big time as he is her main threat.

Brian is getting thicker by the day annoyingly plus his feet must stink in those wellies which I would have thought they should have given back by now?

Liam is a little cocky maybe but he is not the worst one. Ziggy has more issues to deal with in himself I think but he has always been decent and not afraid to get stuck in but always tries to apologise or make sure someone is alright.

If purvy Jonty had bellowed to me thru the loudspeaker like that I think I would hav hit him with it or threatened to put Monkety Tunkety down the toilet. Can't think why that hasn't happened but Ziggy just went for a swim, very polite and to the point.

Tracy annoys me as she just sits and listens to everyones gossip then hangs around Carol as they tho they are best buddies, if only she knew what Carol has said!!
Twins will make lots of money regardless.


Kara and Jonty to go, methinks it should be a draw and they go together.
No you dont hear anyone commenting on Ziggy so much now because it was Chanelle that bought him down. I quite like Ziggy whereas I'm not keen on Liam. He's one of them guys I'd see uptown and stay away from as he seems to love himself way too much and is too c0cky. Brian was funny but the way he is with Amanda makes me cringe. Tracy is boring and has given nothing to BB. Carole knows how to twist things to try and make herself look better. None of them to win!!!
Oooo nat , hi there , I haven't got a favourite still at this late stage , I keep wondering if I will ever actually vote this series !
How are you then nat , how's motherhood treating you ?
I do hope you are well and baby is too :-) xx
This is the first time I've had no idea who'll win, and apart from the 2nd BB, I've watched all of them. (Just realised how sad that is lol!) In my defence though, I've never voted once! This year, I really don't have any idea who might win - it's tricky.

To answer half of your question though, Nat - I can't watch Liam without commenting on how much he reminds me of a half-asleep potato! He needs a foot up the @rse to get him going, in my opinion....
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Brian's the only person i would actually be pleased for if he was to win it.

Hey bigmamma - motherhood is great now. Was a little down in the first few weeks but got my iron tablets now so think i;'m gradually getting back on my feet! Hope you're well lovely xxx
hey nat...I want brian to win too! what ever he is..he has a good heart and more genuine than liam!-what a sly git! cocky,arrogant,and he's sly eyes are all over the place.DO NOT TRUST HIM!!!...

brians only just turned 20 so fair play to him..
Pleased to hear you are enjoying being a mum love , sorry you had a rough first few weeks but glad you are getting stronger and back on your feet , being anaemic makes you feel very tired and weak . :-) xx
(( HUGS))

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am i the only one that can't stand Liam and Ziggy?

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