watch carefully-liam is jelous of brians personality!

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sherry76 | 15:48 Sat 18th Aug 2007 | Reality TV
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has anybody else noticed how jelous liam is of brians personality??..but poor ol brian has no confidence,and low self esteem,and truly is not aware of how brilliant he is!...what a little ray of light..warm,caring,funny...we need someone like him to win...he truly deserves it,and he has been through alot.

Liam,you've won �100,000...let someone else have some glory...ur eyes are all over the place mate,vey sneaky!hhhhmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!


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it seems that Brian's act has taken you in then
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no i don't get "taken" in...its what i see...yeh,brian is intelligent,but theres more to him...and isnt that refreshing!!??!!.....when someone is innocent and not aware of what they possess its so genuine-they're the sort of people i like to be around,not with people who's eyes are all over the place watching!.
Liam is SLY! trust me....quite liked him at first but as time has gone on he's let slip...

oh an that annoyin jordeeee voice makes me want to pull my hair out!
Brian goes on like a spoilt brat when he can't get his own way.
Rather listen to a Geordie accent any time rather than Cockney,where they can't say "H" or "T".
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you mean like when a geordeeee can't say house! and he say's hoose instead!??!...u know what they say,like attracts like n all that!!??!! i'd prefer someone like brian to a shifty git like liam
liam is jelouse of brian because he was snogging with amanda,and liam fancies her. i cant understand half of what he says either .
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nice one shazzz!!!...yep ur dead right there mate! really want brian to win!
to right sherry ill have a glass of that .
Liam often has his eye on Brian, but I don't think it is jealousy over his personality, after all... Brian doesn't actually have a personality - he has ten! They change all the time. Don't get me wrong, I like that he has been clever enough to watch every single episode of every single Big Brother and take a part of each successful character, then merge them all into one, i.e. "Brian." But I would love to see the real Brian, not this made up act.

As for Liam, he is clearly interested in Amanda and watches her and Brian in an attempt to suss them out. I think this is where you have assmed he is jealous of Brian. More likely story is he is sneakily watching his competition for the girl.

Liam is bloody lovely, he has such a dry sense of humour - typical northern lad! Liam to win! That would be class - him taking all the money!!!

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watch carefully-liam is jelous of brians personality!

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