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penlid | 20:45 Thu 16th Aug 2007 | Reality TV
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Nobody else agrees with me but does anybody on here think liam has become a very cocky housemate? At first i liked him and wanted him to win but i have really gone off him. Am i alone or does anybody else agree? Thnks


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i think he is cocky, but in a funny way. i once worked with a guy exactly like him, i loved him to bits he was soooo funny. but if you were in a bad mood or you were upset about anything you wouldn't get any sympathy or anything... i think he's the kinda person that if your on his side then its ok, but he could really wind you up if you let him. funny guy, i like him. brian to win tho.
He's a total plum.

Why does Amy get slated for trying to get it on with liam, yet eveyone seems not to have a problem with liams part in their brief encounter.

I think he believes hes gods gift to women, i can picture him in a nightclub making out he is Mr Cool to charm the ladies when in reailty hes just another player, he even addmitted himself when he first went into BB that hes ''played the field''. Good luck to him if this floats his boat, i just wish some of you ladies out their would take your liams lovely googles off/butter would'nt melt in his mouth.

I agree he's the one that winds people up to argue then runs off and says 'I'm keeping out of it'. Yes he's good looking but I've always said he's one of those arrogant [email protected] I'd see down the pub thinking he can pull all the girls and I'd stay away from him.
I used to think he was a decent enough lad, but he seems to be getting a bit cocky now, like he needs bringing down a peg or two. also, it p*sses me off that he says "Ya Narrrrr?" (how he pronounces "You know?") all the time.
I 100% agree with you penlid, I was happy when he recieved that �100,000 he was really humble about it and kinda deserved it, but now big brother should take it all back
He is sooo cocky, and very sneaky espcially when he was peering at brian & amanda when they had the cuddle in the bedroom, after they kissed in the caravan he creeps me out i think the money has to his head

and he secretly fancies Amanda you can just tell
Brian to win!!!
I agree with everything that's been said in this thread. Liam has definitely got cocky, I didn't like the way he was 'rinsing'
(taking the p, in my language) out of Brian, after they'd both been playing with Amanda. He even said something like " come on then let's see who's the Alpha male!" and surprise! surprise! Ziggy (what,) started joining in ganging up against Brian with his new bestest friend Liam. Sad that he isn't the nice guy he managed to portray. very chauvanist too, IMHO. Rant over for now.................... :-)
I agree with you! quite liked liam at first,came across as a down to earth genuine guy,but as times gone on hes let slip! cant hide what you truly are!...he's jelous of good ol brian-he's personality anyway,and he thinks he's the nadz!...wish big bro would send a good looking guy with a wicked personality just to watch his face! oh what a picture!...
an the way he looked at brian an amanda when they had that little snog!-tut tut!!!! he's bloody voice annoys me.MONOTONE!!!! that stupid little dance he does!what is that!??! u mupet liam,i cringe when i think of that money you won! for brian guys...he's innocent,genuine,aan very different an refreshing to what we'v had!....
I neva liked liam in the 1st place,not sure why but i just get on2 people quickly and hes always come across as sneaky and miserable in my eyes.Carol 2 win because shes the only genuine 1 in there!
hes not handsome, hes actually not that good looking at all, i dont know anyone who thinks so. why he is still in there i dont know, hes arrogant and hes won lots of money. Wat put me off him is when the housemates had to choose who was going to become a half way house mate-he, having all that money-the same prize money as BB is offering should have put himself forward. How arrogant to think that he can go on to win it as well, fat chance. Get him out

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